About Us

  • Who We Are

    Who We Are

    Alpha Mead Development Company (AMDC) is a Real Estate Development, Asset Management and Advisory firm established in 2013. Our goal is to be a major stakeholder in bridging Nigeria’s huge housing gap with quality and affordable homes, by partnering with global brands to deploy technology, capacity and expertise to meet Nigeria’s estimated four million middle-income housing needs.

    We leverage on the experience, expertise and international standards of our parent company, Alpha Mead Facilities & Management Services Limited (AMFacilities) – Nigeria’s first facility management company certified to International Standards of the ISO 9001-2008, by the UKAS and ANAB in the U.K and U.S respectively – to provide functional and safe communities for our customers to live, work and play.

    Having identified major market realities such as skill gap, low quality buildings and longer delivery time for houses in the country, we have adopted a strategic and innovative approach to delivering homes at a faster, cheaper and better quality to our customers by investing in capacity and technology that can now deliver homes between seven to ten days – post foundation, reduce cost between 10% and 20%, and cut material wastage to near-zero level.

    We have also secured strategic partnership with reputable financial partners to design convinient and flexible payments plan that have lowerd home ownership entry level from the current average of 6million to as low as N500,000 monthly in the interest of the market

    From conceprt to completion we perfected the art of leveraging local capacity to deliver global standards by working with global partnets like wall-tiles and forms (WTF) - a recognised world leader in the form work industry which produces and sips over 30illion tiles a year and over 200 thousand aluminium forms to Brazil, singapore and other 45 countriesto help Nigeriann middle-income classvto fufill their hom ownership dreams.

  • Our Leadership

    Board of Directors (BOD)

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    Executive Management Team (EMT)

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  • Corporate Management Systems

    Corporate Management Systems

    Our corporate business is managed by a team of seasoned professionals with core competencies in key areas of our business processes, such as:

    Organization Resources: This deals with the provision of adequate and quality Man, Machine and Money for our businesses to run. This process also involves sourcing for the required information, management expertise, tools and equipment that will help make the best use of our

    Lead Generations: We engage the market at various levels – public, private, NGOs, etc – across various industries and sectors to provide solutions and generate opportunities across our service offerings.

    Prospect Evaluation: In the quest to continually succeed on all our projects, we have developed capacity along defined criteria to meet our service offerings with quality prospects.

    Opportunity Conversion: Our team approaches every opportunity with strong a commitment to quality and mutually beneficial outcomes. We also expect to be treated fairly in a transparent bidding process that assures all stakeholders of a healthy, competitive environment.

    Work Execution: We mobilize to every project with the best human and material resources available to help deliver effective and quality service, health and safety standards, and ultimately extend the life span of our customers’ assets at the lowest life cycle cost.

    Payment: To ensure that the quality and effectiveness of our services remain at the highest level, we expect that our customers will timely honour their financial commitments within agreed contract terms, so we can in turn fulfill our financial obligations to other stakeholders within our
    supply chain.

    Stakeholder Management: We understand that this is the bedrock of sustainability. Hence, we intend to continually align our business values by interacting with all our stakeholders and act accordingly on their feedbacks to engender mutual understanding between us and other interests in our business.

  • Brand Essence

    Alpha Mead Group is a Total Real Estate Solutions Company established to provide robust business support services to local and international Real Estate investors or owners with interests in Facilities Management, Real Estate Development and Advisory, Security Systems and Technologies, Training, Healthcare Management and Real Estate Financing Services.

    Working with technical partners like IREP, our operational approach is designed to blend our technical competence with local capacity in the markets where we operate; to help our customers achieve business process efficiency, people productivity, environmental responsibilities, and better bottom line performance.

    From Nigeria to Ghana, Cameroon to Senegal, South Africa to the UAE, and more than 10 other African countries; we combine the ease of technology, our knowledge of the local environments, and understanding of global best practices to deliver total real estate solutions that help you make real difference in the things that matter to you.

    Whatever your needs are in the total real estate value chain; whether optimizing your Real Estate operational costs, seeking to bridge Africa's widening housing gap, or improving healthcare delivery and administration; we have developed the capacity for limitless opportunities and possibilities. With us, you’d make real difference.

  • CSR

    Corporate Social Responsibility

    At Alpha Mead, we believe making real difference is not only in the quality of services we provide to our customers. We believe making real difference is especially in the quality of life we support people to live in the different and cross-cultural environments where we operate. Our CSR activities resolves around Skill Development & Capacity Building, Health & Safety in Secondary/High Schools and Humanitarian & Philanthropy Services.

    Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Procedure training at Aunty Ayo Comprehensive Secondary School, Ikoyi, Lagos.Students of Building Department, University of Lagos Visit to Lekki Pearl Estate


  • Policies

    Policies & Standards

    Alpha Mead Group has a well-defined set of policies and processes for administrative, operational and human resource purposes. The processes are well understood and adhered to by every employee. The Quality Assurance team ensures 100 percent compliance with the Quality Management Systems (QMS) and International Standard Organization (ISO) requirements as they relate to processes, systems and procedures.

    As a socially responsible organization, our operations are guided by strict, well-documented policies, procedures and standards so we can continue to support you with business solutions that improve people productivity, business profitability and environmental responsibilities. It’s another way we support you to make real difference.

  • Vendors & Suppliers

    Suppliers Relations

    At Alpha Mead, we believe making real difference is not just about our bottom line or our customers’ business goals; we believe making real difference is also in building and maintaining strong supplier relationships and database that translate to economic prosperity for all.

  • Awards & Recognition

    Awards & Recognition

    Over the past 10 years, we have been recognized locally and internationally for supporting our customers to make real difference; including being named as one of the COMPANIES TO INSPIRE AFRICA by the London Stock Exchange Group.

    Some of our awards and recognitions include:

  • Why You Should Engage Us

    World-Class Technical and Operational Capability

    Over the years, we have gathered experience and developed capacity in providing Total Real Estate solutions to investors and owners of various facilities and infrastructure assets across more than 10 countries Africa.

    Our technical capabilities draw amply from our strong collaboration with international partners and stakeholders. This guarantees our access to global standards, systems and specialist resources that have helped us deliver good results on some of the most complex projects in Africa; and yours will not be an exception.

    Our Network and Affiliations

    Besides the opportunities of leveraging on the management capabilities of experts within our consortium, we have access to experts who have delivered good results in developed climes. These, in addition to our impressive track record in Facility Management operations, Commercial evaluation and Financial Management, are why we are the preferred Real Estate partners of most multinationals with huge, cross-border, multiple-location and complex Real Estate operations.

    Competent Workforce

    We pride ourselves in the expertise and experience of a very capable workforce who have strong customer orientation and passion for excellence in service delivery. We recruit the best, equip them with necessary tools and systems, and motivate them to remain committed to our brand promise of supporting our customers to make real difference.