Of the 10 largest countries in the world, Nigeria's population is currently the seventh largest and growing at rapid pace. Consequently, the population of the nation is projected to surpass that of the United States by 2050, at which point would be thee third largest country (by population) United Nations Population Prospect, revision 2015. To Manage the attendant potential housing crisis; a faster, more efficient, cost effective and innovative meethod of building is important - thats what AMDC brings to the market

Our approach to Real Estate development relies on the technology to combine speed, precision, quality and sustainability, to beat the conventional method in the market. We have not just perfected delivering quality buidings at cost effective ways; we have gone developed to build home and assets that suits the lifestyle and financial capacity of our market. Typically, our approach to development features the following:

Contempoary Design: Giving our desire to buld functional living communities, our apartments are designed to come with large patio french windows for good ventilation and 100mm walls to afford bigger spaces. We also ensure that our developments features terraces for all rooms and a walk-in closet for Master bedrooms, which speaks to the lifesytle and comfort of our customers.

Off-Grid: As a company ddicated to the comfort, safety and c onvinience of our customers, we have also developed capacity that takes care of th current power supply challenges in the nation. We have invested and currently powering up some of our estates, using solar systems that are environmental friendly and cost 20% less than the main power grid

Quality: Our technology doe not just afford the opportunity to give our customers durable real estate asset, it also guarantees consistency in design and quality delivery by offering them straight and parallel lines which are uncommon due to poor craftsmanship which is evident in Nigeria construction industry. Our relationship with partners such as Larfarge and other international affiliations also plays significantly in ensuring our customers get value for their money.

Speed: in the current market, speed is critical to all stakeholders. Our method of construction, which is cost-in-situ system allows us to set panels along the mechanical and electrical services, within thre days using average of six personnel. The concrete pour also takes places within few hours, so the entire construction process can be carried out within 7-10 days post foundation - and 30day for a finished apartment

Environmental Friendliness: This system of construction is not just delivering houses at faster pace, it also ensures that les construction waste is generated thereby addig value to the nation and reducing deforestation. This approach, alongside the standards, processes and personnel we have committed to this business, gives us the capacity to deliver range of projects, including houses, shopping complexes, hostyel accomodation and all other types of structure with large units in single or multiple locations.

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We have deployed consistency and proprietary technology to develop the following projects.

Lekki Pearl Estate: It is a fully residential estate developed on 3 hectares of land. The estate features 112 units of 36 flats, 44 terrace units, 24 semi-detached houses and 8 fully detached houses and is located in Lekki behind Lagos Busines School and i5minutes drive to Victoria Garden city. it is one of the few tech-driven developments in the country. Learn More

Green Park Estate: Green Park Estate is a 50 hectares joint developments between Alpha Mead development company (AMDC) and IBILE Holdings - the investment arm of Lagos State government. Located in Abijo GRA along the rapidly growing Lekki-Epe corridor. Less than 5 minute drive from Novare Mall Lekki. Gren Park estate has different investments and project options for developers investments group and co-operative-socieites, coporate organizations individuals; or private investors interested in providing commercial infrastructures such as schools, hospitals, malls etc for the estate. Learn More

Transcendence: Transcendence is a gated development (with no infrastructure), located in Ajah area. The 25 hectare project strategically located opposite Lekki phase II and is one of the fastest growing real estate properties arounfd the Lekki axis. The property has dual access through Sangotedo and Ajah which makes it a unique landmark in the heart of Lekki. Learn More

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