Renewals and Rennovations

The aim of AMDC specializes in design, space planning and retrofit of the office spaces and residential buildings. We proer solutions that enable you to effectively use your space and achieve maximum value for your real estate.

Our R2 services include:

  • Full Turn-key solutions of design, Build and project Management
  • Design-only Services
  • Space Optimization, Planning and Partitiong of cooporate offices, commercial and residential buildings.
  • Project costing
  • Quality controlled site execution

Federal Secretariat Development

The Federal Secretariat complex is a 1000sqms of office space and 800 car park spaces operated under public private partnership (PPP) arrange between Alphamead development company (AMDC) and the office of the Head of Service of the Federation
The project initiated by the office of the the Head of Service of the Federation in conjuction with the development control unit of Federal Capital Territory and the Infrastructure Concession Regulatory Commision (ICRC) is designed to improve the safety of the civil servants and boost their workplace prodctivity. The Pilot phase is beginning with the remodelling of the ground floor of block A and the car parling lot of the Federal Secretariat Complex phase II, Abuja.

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